Bitcoin IRA Celebrates One-Year Anniversary as Bitcoin Price Rallies up by 300%

Standout retirement investment company Bitcoin IRA announced its one-year anniversary last week. The Blockchain-based company is the only retirement fund in the market that offer members a Bitcoin-funded retirement program. In the company’s first year, it has received coverage on some of the leading publications like the Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Investopedia, and others.

More recently Bitcoin IRA has expanded its individual retirement account to support investments in the form of the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum. All Bitcoin IRA clients can now avail the new Ethereum IRA.

Bitcoin IRA is the first and only company to offer cryptocurrency-based IRAs for investors, allowing them to hold actual cryptocurrencies in a retirement account. One significant advantage the Bitcoin and Ethereum IRAs hold over traditional ETFs, and investment plans is the freedom for the clients/investors to retain their investment in cryptocurrency, which they own even after the end of tenure.  Once their IRA attains maturity, investors in Bitcoin IRA and Ethereum IRA can use the accumulated cryptocurrency in whichever way they deem fit.

Through a combination of Bitcoin’s upward price trend and Bitcoin IRA’s innovative services, the company now retains a very high customer satisfaction rating. As of this week, Bitcoin has seen a 300% increase in value in the last 12 months.

Bitcoin IRA’s most recent development is the Ethereum IRA fund, in which clients can invest the cryptocurrency Ethereum. It is starting to see an increased interest, possibly attributed to a price increase and mainstream interest from the banking sector. Bitcoin IRA is now in the process of evaluating further cryptocurrencies on its proprietary SDIRA platform along with the addition of new features, driven by an ever-increasing demand from existing stakeholders and clients.

With the addition of Ethereum and potentially more cryptocurrencies in the near future, Bitcoin IRA expects its customer base to expand further. Bitcoin IRA’s platform will continue to work with leading fintech professionals to aim to bring more cryptocurrencies to their secure, blockchain-based investment funds.

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